Designing websites requires a lot of time. So far this section is quite basic. I hope that in the future, it will get more useful.

Resources for research

Writing scientific documents:

Software that is useful:

Useful links


Resources for teaching

Most books today have online supporting material which can be freely accessed. In fact, many books are also available online. If not, you can always use Amazon (I am a proud premium member) and Google Books to take a look at them. Math and Science e-books are on the rise, but they are not easy to read yet (and annotations are a problem!!)

Online courses can be very useful. If you are interested, you can begin by visiting the one who started the revolution OpenCourse (MIT). These other two compile many of the good courses available AcademicEarth or OpenCulture. If you are also interested in seminars and talks, visit Video Lectures If you do not find what you are looking for, you can just use google to find the course (but do not forget to check what other people say about it). BTW, if you are interested in online education, check edX and Coursera (I took a course and I managed to finish it!).

Other stuff

I like history, politics, arts... I try to watch movies, read books and listen to podcasts as much as I can. The number of resources is so high, that I will not provide references for these :-)

I almost forgot! If you are a Ph.D. student (or you are thinking about that), you should visit Ph.D. comics.


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