Doing research is a natural path for people who exhibit intellectual curiosity, enjoy Science, and show respect for rigorous findings. It is also a path for people like me...

In this section, you can find additional information about my research. Being specific, you can check my full list of publications (and get access to most of them) and have a short description about the topics I am working on.

You can also do other things, like taking a look at the webpages of people I collaborate with or having access to resources that may be useful for your own research.

If you want information about things like invited talks, funding projects, technical program committees, or service to the IEEE, just check my CV.


Google Scholar Profile

I think that Google contributed tremendously to scientific dissemination by releasing Google Scholar. One can easily identify which the most popular works for a given topic are, electronic versions of the papers are easy to find and access, contributions of people who are working in your area are easy to track, you can even be notified when other people are relaying on your own research (sometimes, they even say good things about it!)

On top of that, it is very simple to use, quick, and fairly transparent. So yes, I am a Google Scholar fan and my profile is here.

Full list of publications

You may wonder: why do I need this one if I can go to Google Scholar? That would be indeed, a very pertinent question. So far, it is useful because here you will get: papers that have been submitted but not yet published, Matlab codes for some of the papers, and slides that I used in conference presentations. In the future, I would like to upgrade this, so that it gets more intelligent (providing .bib citations, allowing to group papers based on their topic,... ). My list of publications is here.

What am I working on?

With time and a bit of help, this section will grow and be more useful. So far, you will find a brief description of the topics I am most involved with.


One of the many gifts of doing research is the people that one meets, and the many things that one learns from them. Intelligent people (sometimes it is difficult to believe how smart they are), moved by curiosity and who work hard to enlarge the frontiers of knowledge.

Needless to say, collaboration is not only about writing papers. It is mostly about scientific discussion, learning new tools, attending workshops and conferences together, sometimes even about organizing such events. It is about creating a research environment. The list of people who have contributed to improve my skills as researcher is too long to be written here, but at least I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to them.


If you click here, you will find links to useful websites, tips for doing slides, recommendations for writing a scientific paper, to name a few.


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