Raúl de Celis Fernández


Aerospace Engineering

Short Bio

Raul de Celis was born in 1985. He received the MSc. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain. He was researcher for the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) from 2009 to 2012 in the research of new systems of attitude determination and correction of trajectories, guidance, navigation and control of air vehicles. He acquired experience in Model Based Systems Engineering acquired in Altran Innovacion working for Airbus modelling the Air Bleed System for Airbus 320NEO from 2012 to 2015. He also acquired experience in developing models from technical documentation. In September 2014, he joined Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain, as partial time professor. In September 2015, he joined Escribano Mechanical and Engineering developing tasks of program management for Guidance Navigation and Control aircraft systems. Since September 2016, Raul de Celis joined Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain, as assistant professor continuing his investigation in Guidance, Navigation and Control.

Research lines

Aerospace Engineering: Flight Mechanics, Navigation, Guidance, Control, Sensor Hybridization, UAVs, Missiles, Rockets, and Artillery.
Transport Engineering: Transport Systems Technology, Air Transport, Airport Operations, Operational Research, System Robustness and Recovery.


Office D011. Departamental III
Universidad Rey Juan carlos
Camino del Molino s/n.
Fuenlabrada, 28943, Madrid, Spain



Selected publications

.- De Celis, R., Cadarso, L., & Sánchez, J. (2017). Guidance and Control for High Dynamic Rotating Artillery Rockets. Aerospace Science & Technology. Accepted.