Our offices and research laboratories are mainly situated on the ground and the second floor of the Departamental III building. Our halls and teaching labs are located in Aulario III and Laboratorio II and III.

By Car

If you decide to come by car and your start point is farther than 5km from Fuenlabrada, you must remember that to arrive here first you should take the autonomous road M-506. This way (that has approximately 40 km and conect Villaviciosa de Odón with Pinto) is quite well signposted and has a direct exit to our Campus in the 15th km. So, when you are in it you shouldn’t leave it until you find a detour with the sign:

FUENLABRADA. Camino del Molino. Hospital de Fuenlabrada. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Our University is on the southwest side of M-506 and is perfectly visible from the moment you leave the dual carriageway (entrance is approximately at 400 m from the detour). It could also be useful to know that our Campus is next to the Fuenlabrada Hospital, so the indications that direct you to it will help you to come to the University.

From Fuenlabrada

In this case you don’t need to take the M-506, although it is useful to have it as a reference. Our Campus is in the Camino del Molino s/n, next to the Fuenlabrada Hospital. So, we are in the west of the town, at the other side of the M-506. You should come until Francia Street and from there cross the M-506, after that the first traffic circle will give you access to the hospital, and the second one allows you to enter in the Campus.

From Leganés

There are two basic options to come from Leganés: The first one, consists in using the M-407, usually known as ” circle trafic road” (from Leganés you can take the M-407 from several points). After that, you only should travel across it until the end,where it will finish in the trafic circle that comunicates with the M-506 (in the detour that give access to Loranca), in that trafic circle , you must go to the left , so you catch the M-506 towars Fuenlabrada.In approximately 1 km you’ll find a detour in the M-507 that take to our University ( remember that in the detour appears not only “Universidad Rey Juan Carlos” ,there appear “Camino del Molino” and ” Hospital de Fuenlabrada” too).

The second one consists in use the M-409 (“Carretera de Fuenlabrada” if you live in Leganés or “Carretera de Leganés” if you live in Fuenlabrada). If you are in Leganés and follow the signals that drive you towars Fuenlabrada this will be the route that you will use. The M-409 finish in the north zone of Fuenlabrada, to come from there to our campus you only should follow any signal that indicate “Hospital”( remember that it is in front of our Campus) or “University”.Nevertheless , since in some point signal could be poor you can consult the next map.

Find Us

The Area of Signal Theory and Communications is inside the Dept. of Communications Sciences, at the campus of Communications Sciences and Tourism (Fuenlabrada), Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).

The address is: Camino del molino s/n Fuenlabrada, 28943 MADRID – ESPAÑA

In public transport

If you want to to come using public transport,the best option is use underground,line 12. There is the “Hospital de Fuenlabrada” station , it has one exit (specified as “Universidad”) that comes out into the same campus. If you are in the center of Madrid you should take line 10 until “Puerta del Sur” where you can take line 12 (platform 1). Average time, from Madrid to “Hospital de Fuenlabrada”, 55 min approximately.

If you are in Fuenlabrada you can use urban bus too. Lines 1 and 2 have a bus stop next to the main door of University.

Third options consists in use Cercanías’s trains.In this case , you should take line C-5 (for example, from Atocha station) towars Fuenlabrada/Humanes, you must get off in “Fuenlabrada” station. The distance from Fuenlabrada station until our Campus is approximately of 15 min so we advise you to take underground towards “Hospital de Fuenlabrada(only two stations from Fuenlabrada Central).