Antonio Caamaño Fernández


Signal Theory and Communications

Short Bio

Antonio J. Caamaño received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in theoretical physics in 1995 from the Autónoma University of Madrid, Spain, and the Ph.D. degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Carlos III University of Madrid, Leganés, Spain, in 2003. Since 2003, he has been an Associate Professor with the Department of Signal Theory and Communications, Rey Juan Carlos University, Fuenlabrada, Spain. His main research interests lie in the fields of MANET optimization, bioengineering, and statistical signal processing.

Research lines

Wireless communications, wireless sensor networks, distributed signal processing, blind source separation.


Office D212. Departamental III
Universidad Rey Juan carlos
Camino del Molino s/n.
Fuenlabrada, 28943, Madrid, Spain


Selected publications

.- Chidean, M. I., del Arco, E., Morgado, E., Ramiro-Bargueno, J., & Caamano, A. J. (2016). Ambulatory Gait Measurement System for Natural Environments. IEEE Sensors Journal.

.- Pastor, G., Mora-Jiménez, I., Caamaño, A. J., & Jäntti, R. (2016). Asymptotic expansions for heavy-tailed data. IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 23(4), 444-448.

.- Chidean, M. I., Morgado, E., del Arco, E., Ramiro-Bargueno, J., & Caamaño, A. J. (2015). Scalable data-coupled clustering for large scale WSN. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 14(9), 4681-4694.

.- del Arco, E., Morgado, E., Chidean, M. I., Ramiro-Bargueno, J., Mora-Jiménez, I., & Caamaño, A. J. (2015). Sparse Vehicular Sensor Networks for Traffic Dynamics Reconstruction. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 16(5), 2826-2837.

.-Rocha, U., Upendra Kumar, K., Jacinto, C., Ramiro, J., Caamano, A. J., García Solé, J., & Jaque, D. (2014). Nd3+ doped LaF3 nanoparticles as self-monitored photo-thermal agents. Applied Physics Letters, 104(5), 053703.